Saturday, August 18, 2012

NHS  snp methadone sends Scottish drug deaths soaring 




More Scots dead under

Alex Salmonds snp

Misrule !

DEATHS among drug users have hit a record 
high in Scotland, increasing by a fifth in 2011, the latest government figures reveal.
Last year 584 people died from drug use, which 
means that drugs now account for one in every 100 deaths in Scotland.

When asked Alex said
feck em they are probaly
all unionists and if not
feck em anyway.

Comparing average figures from 2007-11 with
1997-2001, there has been a 117 per cent increase
 in deaths among women, with men up 85 per cent.

Yep! we were better off before the snp
disaster hit the Scottish peoples


One renowned expert explained



there is no hope under the snp

and people understandably

turn to drugs in

despair at snp misrule


  1. And if Independence were to be achieved many Unionists would be found dead by methadone

    1. Feck me! Another Barney. Always enjoyed a good Barney.

      Niko - keep taking the tablets.

  2. Labour must be delighted - more postal votes for the NO campaign.

    It's about time drugs were legalised to thwart those who make money out of pushing drugs and persuading the vulnerable to get hooked on them.

  3. Barney Thomson

    There are Barneys and there are Barneys you sir are a a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

    1. спокойной ночи товарищ

  4. Is this a different kind of methadone to the sort that Labour/Liberals were handing out then Niko?

    Despite Niko's jovial approach, this is a serious matter, and not really one for political point scoring.

    I've worked with kids (under both governments) who desperately wanted help to get off drugs that evil money making bas***ds had got them hooked on. And there is never enough in the way of places, facilities, and follow up.

    One really good place (and I never thought I would say it) is the Gate Fellowship church in Dundee. They have success like you wouldn't believe with people you would never have thought would have gone near a church.

    The trouble is that they get hooked on religion instead, and it's not a desperately healthy kind of religion to my mind. Still it's better than drugs, and probably easier to get people off.

    Yes, agreed John. We need to look into legalising drugs. It would kill a vast amount crime dead with the stroke of her majesty's pen. But I don't see it happening. No government has the guts to do it.

    We should certainly be looking at Scandinavian and Swiss methods.