Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alex  Salmond the lies he tells

Manuel Barroso said a region that secedes from a member state would have to renegotiate “within the international legal order”.

wrong again
well more bullshite
from Alex again
seems like  Alex
has decided the rules of the Eu
even though the EU leaders
say something different.
Alex thinks the snp tail
can wag the EU dog
what a wanker
perhaps he will now allow
the legal opinion he got
to be published confirming his legal opinion
Er! perhaps not seeing as he is a lying Bastard.

just like Mitt Romney




  1. Desperation Niko as facts show that if you sit down it will save you speaking from the wrong orifice.

    Scotland is Europe!

    The European Commission has today confirmed its position on an independent Scotland’s EU membership remains unchanged from existing statements, saying that comments yesterday had been misinterpreted by many and that they wished to make it clear that they would not interfere in the internal affairs of Member States – including on Scottish independence.

    Don't forget to take a coat for Taz on the 22nd and a poop bag just in case.

  2. I think the evidence points to the affirmative reading the normal waste product he posts.

  3. You really shouldn't believe everything you read in the Scottish press, Niko. (They lie sometimes.)

  4. ch

    truth hurts dont it


    i wear me pull ups so dont make a mess


    that'll be Nupmtynet Scotland then