Saturday, September 15, 2012

Miliband urges 'humane' capitalism


bit like nice Nazism

or kind Nationalism 

Ed Miliband: I don't mind the rich, as long as they got there the hard way



Labour leader says the creativity of capitalism should be harnessed but made 'more decent' and 'humane'
Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband said he believed 'capitalism is the least worst system we've got'. Photograph: Rui Vieira/PA
(does being the least worst make it good then?)
The Labour leader Ed Miliband said he has nothing against the rich – as long as they made their money "the hard way".( what about FAIR or DECENT stealing from the poor can be very hard work)

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph Miliband said he will not "pass moral judgment" on people who have
(then who will) made fortunes but insists their wealth comes with responsibilities.
He said the last Labour government was too ready to accept that businesses and financial services needed "light touch" regulation.(they followed the Tory lead as you are now)

However, he says the "creativity" of capitalism should be harnessed and made "more decent" and "humane".
"I believe capitalism is the least worst system we've got," he said.
 (does being the least worst make it good then?)
He also acknowledged the merits of Margaret Thatcher's aspiration agenda.
Asked whether it is good to be rich, he replies: "Yes, if you make it the hard way. It's not for me to pass moral judgment."(then who will)


When Tony Blair was prime minister, Lord Mandelson said New Labour was "intensely relaxed" about people becoming "filthy rich", comments which look misguided after fives years of financial and economic crisis.
The Labour leader is keen to show that he is a centrist and can appeal to voters who would consider voting Conservative.(the centre of the right wing makes you er! right wing or am i missing something)

Ralph Miliband, his father, was an anti-capitalist of the Marxist left but the Labour leader said he does not think as his father did.(honour your father fight for the downtrodden)
"My dad was sceptical of all the Thatcher aspirational stuff," he said. "But I felt you sort of had to recognise that what she was talking about struck a chord. I want to save capitalism from itself."
(hanging people always strikes a chord mob rule but is it right?)

You make Moral judgements ever day

of ever week all your life everywhere you go

to abdicate  Moral judgements you 

abdicate responsibility and then nothing changes


“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”


Malcolm X   (A Man)






  1. God help us, he sounds just like Tony $ Blair and Peter € Mandelson.

    So, what do we do now? Call him Blue Ed?

    He thinks Mrs Thatcher was inspirational?

    Mrs Thatcher, friend of Mr Pinochet, the man who put rats up ladies' erm bits... ?

    Mrs Thatcher, the one who closed factories and put people on the dole, then had them transferred to sickness because the sickness figures didn't show up (and still she managed to have 5 million unemployed)?

    Mrs Thatcher who knew perfectly well that the police were lying when they said that fans at Hillsborough peed on the dead bodies of Liverpool fans, and were stealing from them to cover the fact that they were a pile of competent arseholes?

    Good choice Ed, and brilliant week to mention it!!!

    Sorry Niko.

    Labour will always want to appeal to the rich south easterners as long as their real boss has to try to take that part of the UK to kiss the queen's hand.

    Only when these rich people can be ignored will Labour in Scotland be able to be left of centre again.

    The SNP doesn't have to appeal to the SE of England, thank god!

    Lamont should be out criticising Miliband for this, but she won't. She's only a pretend leader.

    For god's sake mate, come over from the dark side.

    Better together with a Tory government or a Blue Ed government... either of them with the 3 Liberals that will be left... my butt!

  2. Well said, Niko.

    It's about time a respected left-wing blogger came out and made it clear that the Labour Party today is neither Socialist nor Democratic.

    Is there a party left in the UK that still represents Social Democrat values?

  3. Hey, there ye go Niko! Someone thinks you're respected!

    Barney, Niko's heart is in the right place; but his head is somewhere much darker.

    And smellier.

  4. tris

    ask for tory votes and you get tory Government in Labour clothing .............i could cry but that wont help will it what to do


    Thanks but I'm not quiet right in the head


    Nice of Barney but being 'respected' butter no parsnips me I see meself as the voice of madness in a mad mad mad world