Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy MP said:
“The fact that the organisers have taken fright and kicked these hardliners out does not take away from the fact that Alex Salmond and so many top SNP members were ready to give credence to these people and their outrageous views.
“Flag burning isn’t the Scottish way of doing things and many Scots will remember the type of company the SNP are keeping,” he added.

Where they burn flags one day they will burn
(fat) Unionists


  1. Freedom of speech and harmless protest is the backbone of left wing expression in the UK and this includes burning flags when they have become symbols of oppression. Burning flags is harmless unless you share the mindset of ignorant Mid-West goodolboys or extreme Islamists. I am dismayed that the organisers of the Independence march have asked the SRSM not to attend.

    The Left can nowadays be defined as either true Socialists, like the SRSM, or supporters of the Labour Party (i.e. Milliband, Murphy and their neo-lib mates.)

    Socialists know of John MacLean, whom the SRSM idolise. Mere "Labour" camp-followers have never heard of him.

    Do you know who he was and what he stood for?

  2. Jim supports our overseas adventures in Afghanistan etc where his predecessor (Dr Reid) said we would 'hopefully' get out without firing a shot. Over 400 young Brits are now cold in their graves and thousands on both sides are dead or injured. Burning a few flags doesn't sound bad if it really happened.
    Jim seems to have gone awol while all this death and destruction overseas goes on with his support. Why ?
    Newton Mearns is a million miles from Camp Bastion and death. Why do we have to listen to Jim's rubbish ? Has he ever experienced combat ?

  3. I understood that Alex Salmond was only one of many people attending this even, including Labour people like Dennis Canavan.

    You don't necessarily like everything that all the people in the room do when you go somewhere like that.

    Jim, of course, is not saying anything about the continued loss of life in Afghanistan, because it was his mate that sent them there in the first place in the somewhat ignorant premise that we could do what the Soviet Union failed to do, and tame the Afghans.

    But that's B£air for you. I expect he saw a few quid to be made in it somewhere, and of course a kiss from Bushy along with his congressional medal.

    Jim also is too busy undermining Mrs Lamont, to be bothering his skinny arse about the fact that a load of guys were killed the other day and 5 planes blown up, while the Taliban tried to kill Harry Wales. presumably this is becasue the MoD told them where he was, and more of less handed out invitations.

    Anything to say Jim? I mean you are supposed to be doing Defence.

    Mind you, if Jim leaves it to Mrs Lamont and she fails, which is a fair bet, Jim can forget his cushie number in Westminster and his seat on the red benches at £300+ a day. And I'm sure he doesn't want to do that, does he? Lord Jim of Spuddington-Skeletal.

    As Barney says anyway...what's burning a flag for heavens sake. A flag, any flag including our own one is just a piece of cloth. Burning Baghdad is a rather different proposition. That was Ok for Jim, wasn't it?