Saturday, November 3, 2012

A bigger liar than a Scottish  snp nationalist

Thats what we should find out after the USA
Presidential election.
As the Republican loonies have been saying
Romney will will with the opinion polls showing
it very close.
All the normal and the Democratic polling show
a very different outcome a comfortable win for
So the outcome is going to prove or disprove
one or t'other as a liar
and my money is on Romney and the evil
that is the republican party being shown

A bigger liar than a Scottish  snp nationalist


  1. ch

    Alex is much worse than both of them aint got any kids has he strange that

  2. That's sinking pretty low Niko even for a Labour supporter.

  3. An alleged interferer of children with someone who told lies over Iraq hiding behind his 'moral compass' who was also invloved in putting a D notice lasting for a 100yrs over the Dunblane inquiry in a photo with you linking a childless couple in the same mould sums up the cesspit of your mind and the Labour party in Scotland.