Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama wins in 2012

The Dark Heart of the usa 
the republican party
is cast down once again.


  1. Very true, Niko, but the dark heart and cold clammy greedy hands of right-wing unionism still has the UK by the bollocks!

  2. No, I know what I mean. I think that post Scottish independence the English will realise that they only have a choice between two incompetent right-wing parties and do something about it and follow Scotland's example and look for alternatives to the hegemony. I don't believe for one minute that the average English voters are any more in favour of war-mongering and weapons of mass destruction than their Scottish counter-parts but at present they do not have any credible alternatives.

    Perhaps instead of all your negativity regarding the SNP you could do a blog explaining why you, as an old left-winger, should support a party or parties who are rivals for the right-wing vote and who retain very little of your values?