Sunday, February 15, 2015

David Cameron calls on obese to accept help or risk losing benefits 


People who cannot work because they are overweight or suffering addiction problems could be threatened with losing their sickness benefits if they do not accept treatment under plans due to be outlined by David Cameron on Saturday.
Under proposals that are likely to be met with resistance from charities and some medics, the Conservatives will consider whether to reduce payments worth about £100 a week for those they consider could do more to help themselves by going on medical programmes designed to make them to lose weight, stop taking drugs or give up alcohol.
The prime minister has asked Prof Dame Carol Black, an adviser to the Department of Health, to examine whether it is appropriate to withhold benefits from those who refuse assistance.

 and here is the result
before and after benefit cuts

perhaps Conan or Brownlie

should be targeted.especially

Brownlie his BMI is around 52

fat git.



BMI Class 111 the highest he

has ever achieved at anything
Brownlie at rest YUK !



  1. I'm neither overweight or on benefits Niko. Fourteen stone of pure relaxed muscle with a 34 inch waist. If I suck it in.

  2. conan

    Join me at slimming world i have lost
    14.5 llbs in six weeks so far.
    13 stone 1 llbs at present.
    anyway brownlie is the one
    massive aint the word he is
    a rightc ole wobble guts

    1. You'll be eating these words when he comes down to Edinburgh and kicks your butt Niko.

      My mum says he's as fit as a fiddle!!! (if a tad on the tight side with the whisky.)

  3. Dear me, Niko, your Abou Ben Adhem phase did not last very long! I knew you could not keep it up.... but you can get medication for that these days.......