Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Church of England claimed in a highly political pre-election intervention that Thatcherism should be consigned to history because it no longer has the answers to Britain’s problems.
The Church’s most senior clerics said the free-market ideas embodied by Margaret Thatcher were “fragmenting” society and “entrenching” inequality between rich and poor.

Yeah ! stinking commie bleeding heart liberal scum

Just look at em bastards
Women Bishops ?

Commie leading bastard

Wot I want to know just  who is there fecking overall leader

Err ! Oops ! Umm !


  1. Niko

    Ian Duncan Smith is, I believe, a practicing Roman Catholic, not Orthodox.

    1. Yes, Jon Snow asked him about big families (traditionally a Catholic thing because of the Pope's ban on contraception) and prefaced it with the fact that he was a practising catholic.

      The Queen is apparently not head of the Church of England when she is in Scotland, because she becomes a member of the Church of Scotland at that time.

      It all seems a bit weird to me. I thought you were a member of a church because you believed that that was the way God wanted his Church to be.

      So a bit difficult to be a C of E one day, liking all these bishops and arch bishops, waving of incense and all..then crossing the border and being for the simplicity of Presbyterian the next day, eschewing all that silly pomp and ceremony.

      I mean ,does the woman actually HAVE any BELIEFS or is it all part of the idiotic pantomime?

      I wonder what religion she is when she is in Papua New Guinea ...

  2. Anyway, if IDS is a Christian, then I'm very glad that I'm not. I'd be ashamed beyond belief to share any faith with a lying, cheating, murdering scumbag like him.

  3. Here's somebody for you to worship Niko.

  4. conan

    Be still my beating heart............its made me all a flutter


    so he dont even have real decent Christian belief
    and yet calls himself a catholic

    quelle surprise and that for tris as well