Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Does Labour stand up to the Tories' miserable and divisive austerity policies,"

Yes or No  

Just watched Tommy shepard 
on the tv saying how very dare
they cut the poor and give tax cuts
for the wealthy
(he was right) 
the other MPs
looked at him in shock.


  1. How can they Niko, they are the Tories mark 2, or Tory light, or Red Tories, look them up they always have been. Pillars of the Establishment rushing for seats on the House of Lords so they can get their names on notepaper, and a wee sinecure.
    You admire Tommy Sheppard, you should.

  2. I agree with everything, Helena, said.

    What do you think Greece will do now, after their brave stand against, the neo- liberal money men of, Europe?

  3. Helena Jimminy

    Groan !

    One hopes they get a realistic fair settlement .