Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nicola Sturgeon's retreat from principle will spark surge in anti-Scottish sentiment

Nats guilty of barefaced perfidy as they rat on pledge not to vote on English-only matters 


Seeing as the English Conservatives alongside the

media Oligarchs are whipping up anti-Scottish

hatred in order to gain power.......

one asks...... 


Perhaps the real issue is THEY WON and drove

the Torys of the political battlefield.

seems to be a misunderstanding by the Tory

minions the snp are the loyal opposition under the

Westminster  form of Governance and its thier

constitutional duty to do so.

After all, how many Scottish voters give a damn about how the ‘unspeakable pursue the uneatable’ south of the border? Alan asks ????

the answer is many decent fair minded Scots or non Scots

what about common humanity dont he understand ?

 partisan advantage



Hell  yeah !

wot only the English conservatives

supposed to win in Alans universe. well the

law of political physics have been changed

and they best get used to it pronto.





  1. Well said.

    I have to say that when the subject came up a few weeks ago, I thought the SNP should stay out of it, as I have always thought Labour should do over matters that don't affect Scotland.

    Yes, it is an important matter, but so too will be many others that will come up, as the Tories lay waste to provisions in Education, in law and Order, in Prisons, in Health, and other devolved matters. And one day the SNP (and Labour) will have to decide whether child protection is as important as the welfare of foxes.

    But that was before the utterly unbelievable carry on with a variety of subjects, most obviously EVEL.

    Of course in principle no one could disagree with the concept that if, for example, police matters are decided for Scotland in Holyrood, then Scots MPs have no place in deciding how the English should be policed when that is debated in London.

    And it could reasonably be argued that given that Scotland voted SNP, Wales voted Labour and NI voted for the DUP... It’s only fair that we should allow the Tories to run England, because they were elected there, if nowhere else.

    But they are not even handed about it. EVEL is only right if there were FFA and no one was dependent on extra money from England when England decided to spend extra money... or less money from England if, for example, they decided, for example, that they would abolish the NHS (and under the Tories, who knows!).

    EVEL... is the result of ill-planned devolution. Devolution should have been to all 4 countries, but England was excluded. Possibly because Balri sqaw the UK and England as synonymous, and possibly because he realised that the Tories would almost certainly always control the English parliament.
    So the Tories sneaked in EVEL, when they duped Gordon Brown into selling the union for them in Scotland. But, when Scottish questions comes up in the parliament the place is full of English MPs; The Scottish Select Committee with 11 members only 4 of whom are Scottish and the use of English MPs to vote down every single amendment put forward by the duly elected Scottish members. And finally insult us by sending it to the HoL where unelected members from all over the UK will vote, but there is no representative of the SNP, which makes up 94% of the Scottish Commons.

    All of that changed my mind.

    They don't play fair and they never have. Why should Nicola Sturgeon?

    If they want us in their united kingdom they need to accept that we will take a full part in it.

    If they pass EVEL legislation and get away with it (although it may be against the 1707 Treaty, and thus illegal) then they will, I dare say, be able to legalise killing foxes for fun.

    Until they can get that through...tough luck Tories.

  2. Well Niko, I am shocked to the bone with this, well said young man. Seems we are not really welcome in this union unless we are back in our wee shortbread tin. Seems voting No wasn't so clever after all.

  3. tris /Helena

    not so young but why should any political party be totally
    supine while the Torys behave as if they have a mandate to
    rule with impunity.

    Under present Tory beliefs on how the Scots should behave
    towards them Bruce would of surrendered at Bannockburn.
    and bowed down his lowly upstart knavish head to England
    they dont like it up em...but they are sure gonna get a lot more of it
    good job to