Monday, July 20, 2015

The problem with the Corbyn strategy

(Or whats wrong with Labour)

So you are right but thats not important you must get elected so
you adopt and carry out polices you do not agree and which
are clearly the wrong polices.

Or we can work together with those who share our common ideas
and objectives.surely its more important the policys are won
rather than who is in power to ensure the common policys we
all share are implemented .

Ah ! you see thats were the nub of the problem is the thornry old nub
as Father was wont to say far to many middle class and those aspiring 
to middle class status. (look at the rich  New Labour Grandees )
regard the Labour party as a vehicle to becoming upwardly mobile
and an entry into the world of the wealthy and powerful.

What they wish to do is gain power as quick as possible and so have no
moral or political goal other than personal advancement and see stealing
the clothes of any currently winning political party as the way to do it.

The problem with this amoral behaviour is that Hitler and the Nazis
would not only have been right but we should all have embraced
their winning  startegy.

on the other hand the snp who were always on the losing
side of the argument should have given up and accepted
Labour hegemony long ago.they didnt and now we see the
 result. which according to Professor Fielding
just cant happen ????? well what went wrong there.
although whenever the Left anti austerity is unelectable
in the UK is challenged by the reality of the snp tsunami
the usual response is........speechlessness and then  change
of subject.

 These people the Kendalls, Hunts and Umunnas may as well join the
Conservative party or failing that be up front about   amalgamating the
labour party with the conservative party no more surreptitious
torylite just a truthful unambiguous political party with one common
belief  .

This strategy has the one merit of being

This is the second anti-Corbyn article by Professor Fielding in the span of a week.
Once again, it involves a caricaturing of Labour's left position and a seeming desire to give up progressive politics altogether.
First of all, what is politics about if not trying to convince people of your view? It's not about shouting, "Well, you're wrong!" in the face of the electorate and then storming off to your room. That's a complete caricature of the left's position (I accept though, that caricatures are often born from a grain of truth). My concern is we'll move to "where people are" (are they there really?) and stay there, moving no further in the direction of our professed values (left) and only pitch further and further right as the Conservatives win ideological battle after ideological battle mainly because we will fail to put up any challenge at all.
And the second point leads on from the first: politics isn't about being right, it's about being convincing. But with Corbyn we could be both.

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  1. Well for the good of the common man I want to see Labour actually become what it was set up to be but they just cannot get out from under the image that they will be portrayed as the party of the scrounger. Scroungers are a Tory idea which is being resolutely portrayed all over TV, try benefit street and how to get a council house as a couple of examples. Everyone regardless of circumstance should they no longer be working and for what ever reason, the Labour Party cannot support, which is hilarious as it was the poor and dispossessed who worked so hard to set it up. So let us hope that Jeremy can become leader, but I would not put money on it. I think there will be similar dirty work at the crossroads as we suffered during the referendum.
    Oh have you seen Wings, Daily Record complaining that people in Scotland are being held to ransom by the Folk in England, no sense of irony.