Thursday, January 7, 2016


                                AKA Whinge Over Scotland

                                      And  The Sewer Press 
Reads Unionist press/media

Called Nazi after Wings over Scotland suggested she campaigned with National Front: Anne Begg MP on social media bullying

I see wings is moaning about how

the press gave him some of his and

the nats own medicine, 

saying what a lie it all is and things like that

well stu let me tell you something .

We dont care we are  not interested

in your pro nationalist protestations of

innocence.In fact we dont even care if

you ARE innocent the truth is we

(unionists ) WANT to believe you

said it and so WE do believe you said

those damnable things...



The nats dont like it up em !


  1. Tell us something we don't know...

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  3. Personally, as a 'nat' I certainly would not 'like it up' me but whatever turns you on, Niko! Actually I get the point you're making in your usual unique and subtle manner! his is my second attempt to comment and if you don't like it you can feck off!

    Your pal, John B.

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  5. If a picture paints a thousands words when why is the Nazi sitting laughing and joking with mrs Begg but she doesn't know him and has never met him, and doesn't know who he is?

    Kinda reminds me of SIR Alexander the great laughing and joking with that UKIP nutter Coburn.

  6. "We dont care we are not interested"

    So why write a blog piece about it?

  7. I don't see what you're upset about. The Unionist side included four parties on the right (Labour, Tories, Lib Dems, UKIP), and multiple far-right parties/organisations (including the BNP, Scottish Defence League, Britian First, Orange Order and the National Front).

    Photographic evidence has National Front members manning Labour stalls during the referendum and taking photographs with Begg. Nowhere did Wings say Begg was a Nazi, he simply pointed out Labour (and the Tories and Lib Dems for that matter) were so desperate to save the empire that they campaigned side-by-side with white supremist groups.

    Having stood against the National Front member in question during elections Ms Begg would surely have known who he was. But assuming she is as ignorant about her political opponents as she claims she is it doesn't change anything, her party still campaigned alongside known neo-nazi groups. There's no point in Unionists crying foul about it, it happened: the right and the far-right of Scottish politics set aside their differences to save the empire.

    Wings said nothing insulting against Ms Begg, the point being made was that Labour have gone from a left-wing party back in the 80s to right-wing party (since the 90s) to right-wing party willing to make alliances (albeit temporary) with neo-nazi groups (2000s).

    Labour needs to have a long hard look at itself and decide what it stands for nowadays - because, like many in joe public who have voted Labour in the past but couldn't stomach to do so now, other than the empire-at-any-cost I certainly haven't got a clue what Labour's moral compass stands today.

  8. A beautiful insight into the mind of a nationalist.

    However, I think Niko must have been hacked. That there some crazy ass shit.

  9. Anonymous, 1.02 - You might not think much of my mind because my moral compass tells me its wrong to ally with supremist groups during an election campaigns but at least my conscious is clear.

    Assuming you are a Labour supporter, your just providing an example of why your party is destined to the political scrapheap for sometime to come. You've completely alienated your leftwing supporters like myself in chasing Tory voters (I don't understand why you continue to believe Tory voters will voter diet-tory Labour if there is still a regular Tory party on the ballot to vote for).

    Whether you believe in self-determination for this country or are loyal to the empire is irrelevant; giving neo-Nazis a platform is wrong. Labour just needs to say "sorry, we were desperate for feet on the ground and some unsavoury characters manned Labour stalls. Nazism is wrong and these people don't share the views of the average Labour voter or No voter" and it would clear everything up. Instead they protest that the pictures of them campaigning with the NF is bullying and so shows they haven't yet learned this lesson.

    I can imagine easily enough what No voters would be saying if far-right activities were found to be manning Yes stalls during the referendum. They'd be baying for blood and trying to accuse everyone who believes in self-determination of being a racist. Here's the rub of the matter, the SNP, Greens, SSP, Solidarity, etc (all centre-left/left-wing parties) would be quick off their feet to publicly condemn any Yes activists who hold far-right beliefs. No voters are instead close ranks and crying foul.

  10. crazy ass shit. Other call it performance blogging


    smear smear and smear

  11. I read this blog from time to time as I find your ramblings almost therapeutic it convinces me that the people who yearn for independence are right, the sooner the better.

  12. I've been on this site a few times and it's often left me scratching my head in puzzlement. Now I's satire! Maybe not great, witty satire, but satire nonetheless. I feel better now.