Friday, February 12, 2016

A LABOUR (Hero)MSP has been let off with a warning by Holyrood's presiding 
officer after he branded Nicola Sturgeon a 


Nicola Liar

 Nicola Liar

 Nicola Liar

 Nicola Liar

             Neil Findlay

             labour msp 

            a very great man!

            a very great Scot !



  1. Brown, Darling, Murphy, Baillie, Dugdale, and so many other fake socialists, lied to the people of Scotland, time and time again.
    How many of their dire warnings, have came to pass, even though NO won the day (that day, not the next one). They knew or at least had an idea, the same events would happen either way.

    Neil Findlay, a useful idiotes who has, unbelievably, found himself as an MSP. Hopefully, not for long.

  2. Ah the lie meat and drink to nationalists
    everywhere and for all times If only the people
    could see as you see how duped they have and are still.

    1. Jesus Niko. Who is responsible for your medication these days?

    2. conan

      self medicating but struggling with me new mood stabilizers hopefully avoid being sectioned again.

      I'm horrible i know

    3. I'm saddened to hear that Niko, get well soon. I really mean it.

  3. I'm with Conan. That's mad. I thought a lot of Findlay in the contest to make leader against murphy.

    I'd not heard of him before that, and I admit he was rough around the edges and not as polished a performer as Murphy, but at least he was a socialist.

    Unlike Murphy was is essentially a Tory.

    I even contacted him and said I regretted his losing and hoped that next time he would be successful. He didn't stand against Dugdale.

    He's been getting more and more silly with his comments recently, I'm not sure why.

    If we are to believe the Liberals, all politicians lie (so why would we believer the Liberals!!!).

    I don't want a hide bound by tradition parliament like they have in London, but we can't have a rammy. If you can call an opponent a liar, and get away with it, why not a fucking liar, or whatever...

    We can easily call Mr Carmichael a liar. One because he admitted he was, and secondly because lady Paton said so in a legal ruling.

    Findlay slipped lower in my estimation becasue in his apology he tried to be smart. And failed.

    I've no idea what the First Minister was saying

  4. when he called her a liar.

    It would be interesting to know if what she was saying was the truth, or an opinion, or a downright untruth.

  5. At the time Nicola Sturgeon was referring to Labour's tax plans. If Findlay had stood up, admitted making the comment and stating that he stood by it instead of hiding behind his desk he might have gained some credibility?