Sunday, February 14, 2016

No to the EU

The reason I will vote NO is quite simple
to many migrants have been allowed to
enter into the UK.

They taken jobs and homes and worse
they take the young peoples future.
Migrants have become job blockers
for many people born in the UK

many employers choose to take migrants
because they prefer them .If the migrants
did not come here then would have to and should
employ UK citisens .
It is said by the plutocrats the influx of migrants
have helped the economy .grow.
certainly the arrival of five million foreigners.

would naturally lead to a larger economy
a bigger pie if you like  unfortunately the bigger
pie has only led to a smaller share for  most  natural
born  most UK citizens .

Id rather a smaller pie being shared more fairly
that the one we have now with only the wealthy
gaining the benefit.

My real concern is the future for the younger generations
there is enough competition out there  limiting one
that of migrants stealing  their opportunities  is one
we can do some thing about asap.

so when Cameron and the snp vote to stay
in the EU take a good hard look at the
younger generation around you and consider
what is the best outcome for them.

and vote



  1. It would help if you could tell the difference between "to" and "too" and spell "citizens" Niko. However I suspect you cut and pasted this from some loonie UKIP site.

    "most natural born UK peoples." For Fucks Sake.

    I always thought you a bit contrarian, but never thought you racist.

  2. conan

    Ta fir the spell check
    Racist how so ??? natural born just means anyone regardless of ethnicity .

  3. Your stats are incorrect. Read this

    The Express and the Daily Mail are unreliable sources. The majority of immigration to the UK is from outside the EU. Around half of your 5 million in were countered by 2 1/2 million leaving. Net EU inward immigration is around 1 to 2 million people in total since the Eastern block accession.

    Free movement lets Brits live in Berlin, Amsterdam and Spain. It works both ways.

    Argue for or against the EU by all means, but don't be misled by racist agenda peddled in newspapers with a track record of selecting statistics to suit their flawed arguments.

  4. You'd have to ask: why would an employer prefer an immigrant to a "natural born" Scot?

    I've heard it say that it's because Eastern Europeans will work for (or even in some cases beneath, the minimum wage.

    But, when I started working in the employment business, it was 1997. There were no Eastern Europeans and yet most of the jobs in the Dundee job centre were at Tony Blair's new minimum wage of £3,60 (the one that Thatcher had abolished). They had been at £3, or £2,50 or even less before Blair's new law.

    Students from Aberdeen wouldn't touch the part time jobs here, because in rich Aberdeen they paid far more.

    Minimum wage is what employers want to pay for catering and shop jobs, no matter who takes them.

    It could be that they work harder. It's certainly been my experience that they have, in general, a better work ethic. Obviously this is a very varied thing, but in general they take less time off, don't slack and are more committed.

    I repeat there are many exceptions.

    I kinda worry about the quality of work that we will get if they stop immigration.

    Incidentally Niko. The SNP is voting pretty much to a wo/man to stay in the union. The Tories are split down the middle, as they have always been, and Labour are split too, although no one knows exactly where the split is. Certainly members of the shadow cabinet were giving speeches in favour of staying. I believe Mr Corbyn is a doubter, but overall wants to remain.

    The way you are presenting it as if the Tories and SNP are liaising over it is disingenuous. I know why you are doing it, but it so patently clearly rubbish. Sturgeon has made it clear she wants nothing to do with the Tory campaign.

    You have an argument there and it is your opinion, to which you are entitled. I think you're wrong, but so what. However, when you start lying about the Tories and SNP, you loose all credibility for your argument.

    Personally I like the EU less and less each day, but I have always thought that their saving graces were that we could travel and work far more feely than before (I have done so in France), and that they took the worst edges off the right wing governments of the UK.

    We'll hear nothing but bad from the papers from now till the referendum.

    Today there is something about having to pay congestion charges in every town. Undoubtedly utter nonsense, but like the Scottish referendum, who cares about that.

    The Tory press are the worst too. Daily Mail and Express and the Sun and Telegraph, absolutely hate foreigners and the EU. Labour papers not so much. Guardian is quite pro.

    Maybe it's you that's joined up with the Tories.

    1. tris

      the snp and the conservatives share a common goal
      In one important area pointing it out is hardly lying .
      Perhaps your sensitivity is in recognition of the damage
      Politically which could happen in the coming referendum.

      But then if you see an open goal...why not ....?????

    2. Niko. What is Labour saying?

      What is kez saying?

      What is the shadow cabinet saying?

      What are the Liberals saying?

      What are the greens saying?

      You agree with UKIP?

      That's fine you are allowed do do that but ALL THE OTHER PARTIES, not just the SNP and the Tories are for the EU.

      Mind in fairness i did hear that the right wing nutter party of the Robinsons are with UKIP ...and You!

      You keeping good company there Niko. A bunch of racists and a weird lot that beat the bible and have affairs with boys young enough to be their grandchildren. You can always trust them, right enough.

  5. I really don't understand your thought process Niko.
    Why is it wrong, for fellow Europeans to come and work here, and it's OK for you to go and live in Greece, running a bar a local Greek could be running?

  6. jimminy

    its not ok .....anyway some people is not a problem. 2 or 5 million is a completely different scale

    why do you not give a f'''' for the people who actually live here ????

    1. But I do give a f**k about the people that live here that's why I voted yes in the referendum.
      Surely, as a socialist, you should have common cause with your fellow workers throughout Europe, or does that only count with Scottish workers in relation to rUK workers.
      There is a disconnect in your thinking, the no side harped on, and on, about Scots being shoulder to shoulder with workers from Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast and so on, but no you say, workers from other countries are bad, unwanted and stealing our jobs.
      So much for the workers of the world uniting.
      On a personal note, my son lives with a Polish girl and they are the parents of my first grandchild. What happens to them, if Scotland is taken out of Europe?

  7. jimminy

    obviously the child is or should be considered a uk/Scottish citizen I know many Eastern Europeans and have said to those who have been here many years they should apply for citizenship as a few have done so.
    they are now uk citizens.

    A normal??? amount of migration is not an issue but mass inward migration is and will remain an issue which needs to addressed in a
    meaningful way .

    My belief if a child is born here then that should make them a citizen who would need their with them not sure Westminster would see like that....