Sunday, March 6, 2016

Iain Duncan Smith has deepened divisions in the government over Europe by questioning the integrity of cabinet colleagues campaigning to remain in the EU and accusing them of “spin, smears and threats” that will have consequences beyond the referendum.
The Eurosceptic work and pensions secretary accused the in campaign of trying to “bully” the public with “scaremongering”.


  “spin, smears and threats”

Which is what he likes to do
to others but dont like
being done to him
like all 

John Major, our former prime minister, was in reflective mood at a lunch in parliament. Asked about his famous description of Eurosceptics as "bastards", he remarked ruefully: "What I said was unforgivable." Pause for contrition. "My only excuse – is that it was true." Pause for loud laughter. Behind that mild demeanour, he is a good hater.

My only hope after all the bile and vitriol lIDS
vomits over his Prime minister and cabinet    
colleagues/friends ???

he ends up with the sack
Image result for your sacked


  1. "Spin,smears and threats". Shades of September 2014 Niko?

  2. Seems Hootsman touched a nerve there Niko. That's the problem with you Yoon like handing it out but it's a different matter when the truth hits you.Who's the tosser now?