Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Scotland would NOW be 

 If the snpBAD had
won the
But they didn't
thank God and the
Good sense of
The Good Scottish peoples 

 The Nats can lie and lie and lie
they are experts at that but
the truth will out
and it has big time
in the GERS report

the only thing to remember
is the snp
aint poor anymore
they have got the
their thieving hands  
on the Scottish


  1. Fortunately, as you stayed, we believed Brown and Cameron, we stayed and now have debt of only £16,000,000,000,000.

    What shall we spend all our money on? Helping the hungry; helping the poor, education; health?

    Nope, lets spend it on running the world and nuclear bombs.

    How lucky are we?

  2. tris

    WE are lucky or rather lucky the Scots
    made the right decision and the facts support

    Gordon Brown.....Oh dear thats going back a tad to far its the snp who own the responsibility now.

    I look forward to your dissembling on the GERS report..see wa..s over Scotland has had
    try not a very convincing one but then you extremists will believe anything but the facts ................

    Congrats on the snp MPs for voting the right way as MPs they should vote on the issue and not the Flag .


    Your leader should have read Dr D before making her ridiculous tweets. Makes a good splash, but when you actually look at the figures analysed by someone who understands them, you realise how incredibly inadequate she is.

  4. What I said about Gordon Brown was that he promised, with David Cameron, home rule.

    Instead we have control of very little , and as Craig points out, the most important thing that we could control, the Tax Free Allowance, is reserved to George Osborne.

  5. Bullxhit, and you know it, Niko.
    Gers, do not show the whole story, only that suitable for Westminster's propaganda.

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