Monday, July 11, 2016

Democracy in the UK.
(Also know as wot the feck is going on  )

Who knows what that is in the present day
seem to be a pick and mix by
our betters.



Wonder what ole  Pericles. would make of it
seems like they were more organised over two thousand
years ago.


Or do we have an elitist Oligarchy
ruling over us different leaders/Partys
but the policies always  remain the same.
 so why have votes.
other than to give a thin veneer of
agreement from the plebs. 


  1. Theresa May comes to the post with the votes of over 35,000 people in the Maidenhead Constituency.

  2. They voted for her as their constituency MP - NOT as the Prime Minister....

  3. Corbyn is on the ballot, that'll be the chicken coup over then...