Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Greek crisis sends world markets into turmoil

Athens riots and government collapse causes oil prices to 
drop by $2 a barrel and Dow Jones and other indices to plunge

Greeks rioted , the country's prime minister offered to resign and the yield on Greek two-year sovereign bonds hit 28%. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 190 points at one stage. Markets are carrying a simple message: we fear politicians and policymakers are losing control of the plot. The long-feared "Lehman moment" – an uncontrolled debt default by Greece, with the impact being felt across the eurozone banking system – suddenly seems a horrible possibility.

Tear the Fecking  lot down 
destroy it all dont pay a penny
back feck the Bankers and any body
who supports them.

From Greece to Portugal to
We may well have reached the point of no return."
I wish  bring on the revolution  now


  1. Te eurozone has problems. But they are all caused by the lack of integration, not the presence of it.

    There would be no crisis in Greece had the EU full control over fiscal policy; alongside the single currency.

    One Europe, Many peoples, One Federation.

  2. Dean

    I would trad a British passport for a European one would you

  3. Yep. I'm a European, and told my census so. :)