Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Labour Hame

Yep! home of the Unionist bullys
if they dont like yer comments
they hide it away like the bullying
yeller cowards they are...

still with Richard Olszewski
saying things like 

There’s nothing wrong with change that makes sense within 
the original spirit of devolution. Go too far and you start
to weaken Scotland’s place within the UK

Ohh! Dick mustn't frighten the horses eh!
tell you what Dick next time i question
the validity of devolution I'll go and
stick me head right up me arse just like you have.

Personally i reckon they moderate me off
they don't understand working class


  1. they don't understand working class

    Its a right wing talking shop Niko and one has to agree with them that's why they have a London Labour chap coming up to keep them on track. There are other more left leaning parties in Scotland which I am sure would be suited to your way of thinking, look to the future not the past.

  2. Yes, it's sad that London Labour is once again obliged (as they have been many times before) to send someone up to Scotland to sort out the recalcitrant locals. Lance Price points out in his diaries that Alistair Campbell, Peter Mandleson, or Lance himself were forever being despatched to Edinburgh when it looked like The Great Helmsman had let go of the tiller.

  3. They dont like me!and thats the truth as I'm common and they are trying to figger out why they went down the pan May 5th.

    I mean stuff your own supporters isnt good politics been moderated more on Labour Hame than the Tory Diary............

    there is none so blind as they say

  4. Hmmm Niko. You'll always get a hearing on Munguin's Republic!

  5. Niko

    Time to tear up that old Labour party membership, they only want people who will tell them how great they are on Labour away Hame yer teas oot site.


    I think that Niko got sent to the naughty step because you were too nice to him.

  6. Guilty by association with me?

    Ooops, sorry Niko.

  7. Nice one, sir.

    B@gger them and move on: Contradictory though it may seem on the surface, think and remember of MacLean and Connolly, Grivas, Ataturk, and Garibaldi (in the original sense of his mission inspired by Wallace).

    This current lot are the final, collective drip from the self-manipulating, imperialist, colonizing erection drooping.

    Ho Chi Minh, Mao, Keir Hardie, Tom Paine, Lenin and countless others - including the Sans Culottes and Jacobins and the Greek Resistance - would have known where to consign this lot of comprador parasites (pace Gramsci) and their hangers on.

    The charade is coming to an end - just as it did in Ottoman times and their empire slowly fell apart and folk had to pick sides (messily - some Greeks remaining collaborators, and some going against the grain in order to restore Greece to Greece and the Greeks against the odds; and which Ataturk was not u sympathetic to despite sporadic, local idiocies).

    In some senses, Grivas and Ataturk were, perhaps, two faces of the same coin with similar visions until their respective drone "follower replacement 'elites'" polluted the vision.

    Sound familiar (?), Pasha?

    Thus, will you be an Alexander or a contemporary unfocussed rabble rouser on/in the agora (?) - meaningful or ultimately meaningless in both Platonic, but for me more productive, Socratic senses?

    Good luck on your storm tossed Odyssean passages of the soul and mind and heart!

    Where will you land and plant your feet as a truly honest man, warrior, general scholar, and philosopher in the classic Greco tradition which is one of the key-stones of human civilization? On a beach composed if siren cliches; or in a glen with a minimum of Spartan warriors defending not simply a portion of land, but a conception of the world and human relations?

    Whither do you stand, sir, apropos the imperfect phases of the stutterings of collective attempts at full humanizing of our essential humanity in all its variations?

    In the historical contexts rooted, would you have sold out Greece to the successive waves if invaders for sake of whatever(?): A sample snap shot - Persians, Macedonians, Turks, and - jumping forward - Italian and German fascists; and, at the moment, financial carnivores?

    Blessings to you, sir