Sunday, June 24, 2012

Support for Independence

at only


  their own internal polling shows
 support for independence running 
as low as 20 per cent,

we are 

  Better Together

 as the majority of Scots agree


  1. Niko thinks Mr Cameron is doing a good job folks. He appears to want to stay in the big society, have weapons of mass destruction, go to war on the whim of an American president (even a neo-con), make the sick work, throw people who have liven in the same house for 765 years out in the street because they have a spare bedroom...

    Jesus Niko... you could live like a Norwegian, but you prefer to live under the jackboot of David Cameron.

    Don't forget to tug your forelock at him as he splashed you with mud from his Rolls Royce..

  2. It is interesting, by the way, that a Scottish Attitudes Survey shows that 71% of respondents trust the Scottish government to act in Scotland's best interests, compared to a mere 18% who say the same about the London administration.

    Polls eh...can't trust em an inch.

  3. TRIS

    But not Alex(the demon) salmonds snp

    err! i agree with having WMD and nuclear energy and real fighting armed forces and being part of a larger group of Nations.
    Can you trust any government probably not its just who may let you down the least betrayal is the stock in trade of any politician or party they all stab you in the back sooner or later...

    I just accept that fact and live with it.

    You mistaken belief in an snp Nation being left wing is touching.

  4. You mean you would trust a government that would be run, probably by Labour in Scotland, less than you would trust one run by the liar in chief in England?

  5. Bitter together launched today by an abominable no man funded by rich tories, I wonder how that will go down with labour voters.

  6. Akex Salmond (coward)seeing the the anti separation steamroller heading straight for him.quickly hands over the leadership

    to Bliar Jenkins and dives for cover realising Alex is toxic to any normal Voters and just having the eye swivelling Nats extremists will not win any referendum

    As for'Who Are Funding The No Campaign?'

    PATRIOTS A hard concept for snp extremists to understand