Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Toxicity of Alex Salmond

Finally having had a total disaster
of a launch to the snp referendum campaign.
leaving the nats lower down the polls than ever
two things have occurred to the snp.

(1) Alex Salmond on all the present evidence
will lose the vote in 2014 and he will have to bear
the sole and full responsibility.
This in effect would end Alex Salmonds political career
in order to avoid his demise Alex has moved a human shield
(Bliar Jenkins) in the line of fire(it wont work)

(2) Alex Salmond is so hated by those
of a normal persuasion that nothing nothing
he could or would say(save I am resigning)
can persuade those from other partys to
vote to support Salmond in any referendum.

And without the decent normal voters
backing the Nat extremists the vote cannot,
shall not and will not pass.
So in order to detoxify the snp 'YES'
campaign of Salmonds poison they try
this sleight of hand,
and hope the smoke and mirrors can hide
the   the eminence grise Alex Salmond from
the Scottish voters (it wont work again)


  1. Niko, I fear for your sanity.

    Are you telling me that you thought eh No campaign... sorry Thingy Towhatsit campaign got off to a good start.

    Everyone fell asleep when Mr Darling started to talk. You criticised the SNP for having a pile of celebrities, including prominent Labour supporters and ex MPs, and didn't have any yourself, presumably because there were none who were prepared to do it. I mean it's not like Labour don't use celebrities for publicity (Dr Who, Bladrick, Eddy Izzard, etc) and the Tories could surely have got someone...well maybe not...

    The you guys released that embarrassing video where a pile of unionist toadies, read for an incredibly stupid script, making them all sound like they were some sort of defectives... I like Scotland in the union because it's sunnier... duh... I suppose this was what your leaders consider the standard of intellect in Scotland to be... which of course, if it were, would explain why you think we couldn't go it alone. God knows if these were typical Scots I doubt we could manage past half past eleven on the first day.

    (Fortunately they were not, and presumably, after all the tittering people did over it, they will be shelved and the people who came up with that idea will be sacked.)

    Anyway, yer launch was sh*t!

  2. Tris

    You are being far to kind. It was far worse than sh*t.

    An idea of how bad it was is the usual tame media were very quite after the first attempt to talk it up was generally laughed at.

    Then Darling was too chicken to talk about how the torys were funding him.

    Rabbie Burns had it correct all these years ago, it just needs one extra word, bought and sold for TORY gold, such a parcel of rouges in the nation.