Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I Blame the snp or more accurately
the snpBAD really awful stinkers!

Davis lied no one can deny (unless your a tory )
The UK government has produced no economic forecasts on the likely impact of Brexit on various sectors of the economy, the Brexit secretary, David Davis, has told a committee of MPs who have attempted to examine the studies.
Answering questions from the Brexit select committee, Davis also said there had been no economic impact study undertaken before the cabinet decision to leave the EU customs union, and no assessment had been made of the possible economic effect of a no-deal Brexit.

but the blame for his stinking rotten untruths
must be placed on the snp BAD.
After all in the disaster of Brexit and with
mobs of irate bankrupt starving people.

If the snp could and would dig up any
report in the McCrone report mode
(and how westmonster lied to the Scotttish peoples )

then the righteous  outrage from teh good people would
cause the streets filling with pitchfork wielding
mobs led by the snp BAD.
And leading to the lying treacherous Brexiteers
hanging like bunches of grapes fom the nearest
lamp posts.

Just a matter of political survival for the
vermin brexiteers..scum all of them.


  1. Remember this, Niko?

    - "Hullo, Alan. What have you been up to?"
    - "Things."
    - "Oh. Where?"
    - "Places."

    Alan was mental, eh?

  2. Hey Jabbo I remember that. Do you remember Alan at the party where he kept asking a girl if she was Sylvia Watson? She went ape and started screaming "No I'm not fucking Sylvia Watson." What a laugh.

  3. Yeh. That was when Bunker the ski girl asked him what he did and he said I run like hell.

    She said Sorry then he said I run like hell again.

    Then she said Sorry, what do you do at university and Alan said Oh sorry. I thought you meant what do I do when I'm getting chased by a vampire bat.

    We share ourselves laughing. Mind?

  4. You mind that, Niko? Fuckin riot. Bunker looked like she was in Silent as the Lambs. Stupid cow.

    "share" means "shat".

  5. Yeah she was a stupid cow. Walked like she shat herself too.

  6. When she danced she looked like she was shitting herself. Her and that Kelly Marie record.

    1. I did almost shat myself on Top of the Pops. Or Tap of the Paps as Jackie Baillie calls it.

    2. Has anybody seen Mrs Faichnie's cat ��?

  7. It's OK everyone. Alfie's back.