Monday, May 16, 2011

Labour ‘must wrap itself up in Saltire’

Labour ‘must wrap itself up in Saltire’
 vote Labour
vote Labour

vote Labourvote Labour

The Party of Scotland First  
For Scotland  First
The Party who have the saltire in their very souls

And not like the snp who are for the snp first second and third
saying stuff the Scottish peoples we are in the  trough now
we are gonna eat Indy-lite for us and lots of cash from the union
and have hearts made of flint


  1. You can wrap the northern branch of the Labour party in any flag you want but it wont stop them heading for the deep.

  2. CH

    Scottish Labour are for the People of Scotland whilst having a great love and affection for the people of North Britain.

    We are first and foremost a party for the progressive Scottish peoples.
    We do not hate like a demented Nationalist those good people in other lands who do not happen to be decedent of the Gaelic Nations.

    A mad vile hate which encompasses their every waking hour and torments their sleep with dreams of Unionists burning in the flames of Nationalist perdition.

    we are like the saltire fluttering in the gentle kind Scottish breeze

  3. That's why they started illegal wars swaning around the world making speeches for money whilst getting paid as an MP and mixing with oligarchs as their party members suffer poverty. Their love is worthless and can only be despised as its a total sham.

  4. Labour the peoples party..aye right! When I see Labour with the Saltire its a bit like Donald Findlay QC putting on a Celtic top.

    Nikostratos do you live in a SNP seat now?

  5. labour are english at their heart and get funding from westminster.....after independence would be the time to vote scottish labour.