Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leave us alone

Leave us alone

Scottish Labour MPs
should not elect the next
Scottish Labour Leader


Cos they got it wrong

Alex  Agrees


  1. I was going to vote for you Niko but then I thought that you wouldn't have the balls for such a public office.

  2. Seriously, Brown was way wrong over that matter. Gray was right. If he was elected by all Scottish MPs, MEPs and unions, as well as the MSPs then he was leader of Labour in Scotland. Brown said he was only leader of the Scottish group in the Holyrood parliament, therefore it was absolutely nothing at all to do with people in London.

    Niko, you have to tell them to butt out of our business.

  3. An MP's vote is worth 680 members votes its that sort of mismatch which creates career politicians chumming up to those who have more influence.