Thursday, June 9, 2011

David Cameron might take Scottiish independence referendum off Alex Salmond

David Cameron is setting up a high – powered Cabinet committee to combat Alex Salmond's plans to break up Britain

 Quite right to we should have a pincer movement

between the the uniters at Westminster and within

Scotland against the extremist Seperationists

and if the snp separationists attempt to

gerrymander the Question or the referendum

then the right of westminster to protect the 

uniters within Scotland to have a free and fair

referendum cannot be denied.



Salmond is now sprawled over parts of Scotland. Our offensive springs are being slowly compressed, and we must resolutely and methodically prepare ourselves for the campaigns of 2011  to 2015 . Two or three years are not a long time, even in our short, precarious lives. They are nothing in the history of 'OUR' nation, and when we are doing the finest thing in the world, and have the honour to be the sole champion of the liberties of all Europe, we must not grudge these years of weary as we toil and struggle through them. It does not follow that our energies in future years will be exclusively confined to defending ourselves and our possessions. Many opportunities may lie open to political power, and we must be ready to take advantage of them.
One of the ways to bring this war to a speedy end is to convince the enemy, not by words, but by deeds, that we have both the will and the means, not only to go on indefinitely but to strike heavy and unexpected blows. The road to victory may not be so long as we expect. But we have no right to count upon this. Be it long or short, rough or smooth, we mean to reach our journey's end.

One United Kingdom



  1. Let us call the referendum from Westminster asap, word the question ourselves to stop the separatists from gerrymandering it ... and once we win we can crush the cybernat extremists across the internet as a glorious prelude to the SNP ultimate rout from Holyrood.

    The future is bright, the future is Unionist!

    God Save the Queen, the Union, and the Parties who stand up to the extremists.

  2. Deano

    The future the past and the present yep

    God save the queen

    (shame your a Tory)

    Although Ted Heath compared to todays lot of Torys would seem a ultra wet me dad hated his guts you know

  3. David Cameron is taking personal charge of something in Scotland.... and he thinks that that will move things in his direction.

    He's even stupider than I thought.

    Eck must be laughing into his curry tonight.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

  4. Have now got images of Niko and Dean hand in hand singing rule Britannia as they skip down south to their motherland, bon voyage.

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