Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trooping the Colours

 In contrast to the Unpatrotic bellyaching
chip on  their shoulder cowardly

(Alex Salmond is a self confessed yellow belly pacifist)

Separationists today we saw the true Patriots of the
First Battalion Scots Guards
Brave men honorable men 
and bearers of the real spirit of the
Scottish people.

Men of scotland  who freely
give their lives and all for
the continuance and safety
of the all the peoples of

United Kingdom.

1 comment:

  1. It’s called Trooping the Colour.

    It’s all about the English upper classes. I always knew Labour was that way inclined.

    However, I will salute the bravery of men sent to do a man’s job with a child’s toys. Under equipped, under resourced, under fed. No wonder the brave men refused to talk to Brown and cut him dead.

    Labour warmongers deserve that kind of treatment when they send people to die so that they can play the big boy with Mr Bush.

    I’m sure you would find that Mr Salmond would be prepared to put troops to battle to save Scotland and Scots; but not for the greater glory of a money grubbing piece of filth like Blair.