Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 30th by election

With june 30th being announced
the by election will give an inkling
to where the Scottish people want to go
If the Separationist have the  support
they claim then the result will be a forgone
conclusion in favour of the snp Candidate

will the voters of Inverclyde give a
thumbs up to the seperationists
and a Thumbs down to the people
for one  United Nation.

This is one that Salmond of the  separationists

win or just a few days after his
Finest hour will he meet his


we await the decision of the
fair voters of Inverclyde
with interest 


  1. Catch up Niko.

    Support for independence growing

    But Mr Salmond will be boosted by the findings that people in Scotland’s biggest city are the most likely of any region to be in favour of independence, with 46% saying they would vote Yes.

  2. ch

    well no problem winning the by election then Eh?