Friday, June 10, 2011

the Union fights back

“Yes to Scotland in Britain” campaign.

Where can I join 
How can I contribute 
when do we start


  1. Where can I join? England
    How can I contribute? Get a lobotomy
    When do we start? When maister says

  2. Mc

    your not being serious are you????

  3. Where can I join: Anywhere inside the M25.
    How can I contribute: Carry on as usual.
    When do we start: 10 years ago.

  4. Nikos' Bar: Is it in Rothesay? Dashed fine weather if it is.

    The Union - Death or Victory - compleat and the restoration of Empire and the Ways Things were and Should Be.

    Where can I not sign up? Some seaside enclave for expat Brits - whining - somewhere in the Aegean or Mediterranean or Iberian peninsula or further equally sunnily afield and far from the dreich climate of Jockshire?

    And while we are at it, I propose the resurrection of the Ottoman Caliphate and Empire and the forceful return of the sullen, ungrateful Greeks to the beneficent sheep-fold and a heavy chainmailed fist striking at all Zorbas and Anthony Quinns wherever they may be; however sunglassed - as per Camorra style
    mafioso; and drinking the infidel alcohol pops of their satanic choice.

    Long live the Caliph. Return our Greek province to the heaving bosom of our enlightened Empire. Firing squads all around and the Gray Wolves set upon the Attic irredentists!

    Push comes to shove, do a deal with the ghost of Mussolini and divvy the dump up. Anything to stick it up the rear end - Spartan style - of the loathsome "Greek" mini-kilt.

  5. Apologias unto all.

    Failing the above, bring back the Greek Colonels and Makarios and let a portion of them govern Greece and Cyprus on Our behalf; and let another administer barbarian Alba as the communal kilt thing and love of the demon drink might prove a good diplomatic fit (especially as Albion seems to be thrashing about to keep its end up these days).

    Sorted. Let us now move along the Mountain Turk "problem"...

  6. David

    Umm! you do have a point there!

  7. Well first of all, you need to bow the knee to Her Majesty and Mrs parker Bowles and Mr Cameron.

    Just don't be upper class; everyone else contributes except the upper classes and of course bankers.

    And when does it start? Goodness it's been going on forever.

    It's fine if you are proud to be British. I'm deeply ashamed and try to hide it when I go abroad. People hate Brits, but they love Scots.