Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yep thats the answer

Come the day(if ever it does) the snp
Government has the guts to call a

Two conditions should be imposed from

(1) The referendum should a
straight forward Question

Should the Scottish Parliament
negotiate an independence settlement with Westminster
(2) the referendum should be organised
by F.I.F.A who have shown there suitability
to run a referendum for the Unionists

Oh! yeah  and point three
for any referendum to be passed
will require a yes by 51% of all voters
within scotland

Monday, May 30, 2011

Nationalists play the racist card again

Nationalists  play the racist card again

Whats the stinking English doing
poking their vermin nose in the
Scottish peoples Independent  Legal system.

why dont those shiity English pigs
go and feck off and keep thier dirty
mitts off Scotland
(Scotland the fair England the harsh) bit racist dont you think?

We would rather the French poke their noses in.
as we dont hate them so much as the English.

(Written in the true feeling of most
extremist ScottishNationalist supporters)

(Not mine i hasten to add)

Alex Salmond Anglophopic
I mean who could possibly think that.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inverclyde by-election

Labour may opt for snap poll



The First real test of snp electoral Dominance within scotland

May take place in  June 

If the snp fail to take this seat from Labour

then its back to the drawing board for the Nats

the snp should walk this one easy peasy

either way the outcome is going to point

out which way the Scottish people

are heading towards



or staying safe and snug within  our sacred