Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Ignoring project Blairite
Labour Fear
and being bloody angry
at all the manipulation
to put it mildly.  
being sick to death
of Labour MPs 
whose only concern
is their own position
and what power and
influence they can gain
to make a lot of money from.

Power without policies 
is a complete amoral
sell out on what the
Labour Party once
stood for.

If the Labour Party is unable
to stand for its membership
and follow out the agreed
party polices 
then the present Labour
party needs to die and be reborn
shorn of Rightwing Tory
supporting Entryists.

 For it is not glory, it is not riches, neither is it honours, but it is liberty alone that we fight and contend for, which no honest man will lose but with his life."

freedom comes at cost and we
true Labour are willing to pay
it out of office for forty years
better than another 
Labour/Torylite Government