Thursday, November 5, 2015

Your only safe under English conservative rule

That seems to me to be the current media spin/
From monitoring conans Internet browsing and
collecting the ENTIRE United Kingdom reading
list of web sites

Mass surveillance gone mad/Bad
they have made a law making legal wot
the SECURITY ??? services were doing before
only illegally..wot ! wot !

The Conservatives well Cameron anyway is going all out to get
his private little war in Syria so the alleged rise in Muslim terrorism
fits in neatly with Camerons tall tales on Egyptian airplanes being
targeted by Muslim bombers......based in Syria of course
Although no real evidence  yet mind whipping up hysteria
grounding all the brits in sharm and then sending in the RAF
to bring our people home safely(land of hope and Glory
playing in the background ) not long from poppy day.
make that commie peacnik Corbyn look like a limp
wristed conscientious objector.

all grist to the conservative media mill 

Image result for fear the spies

Wot frightens me more a lot more than any terrorists are power
hungry politicians and their we always need more
money resources and powers secret  service lackeys


I begin to understand why the NRA in the USA have such
 influence in American politics by   standing up for individual
freedoms and rights against the overpowering  oligarchic state... 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tory MP admits taking drugs, watching porn

Backbencher James Cleverly also said he wants to be the next leader of the Conservative Party

 Image result for James Cleverly 
Smoking Cocaine ? 
Watching online porn ? 

 Me and Conan that is are wery wery  sorry  well I am anyway