Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sir Fred Goodwin

Niko puts on his Nationalist snp head

The subliminal message from all this vilification
is a Scottish Bank run by Scots for Scots
was a total disaster for both Scotland and the UK (Err! England)
The  Scots were only saved by the English 'AGAIN' and that
if only the English were left in charge it wouldn't of happened.

And its  only because  the UK (Err! England) bailed out
RBS that the Scots people aren't begging in rags in the streets.
and eating their own children.
The very idea that the Scots would be able to rule themselves
without the benefit of English guidance is proven risible.

The REAL Question to ask were there not any English Knights
Of The Realm complicit in Bankrupting the UK while
at the same time enriching themselves before deserting the 
sinking ship HMS UK ltd.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Salmond does not speak for Scotland - 

Johann Lamont Does





No matter how often he tries to assert and impose his views on people, Alex Salmond does not speak for Scotland on the issue of independence. He can say it as many times as he likes but it doesn't make it true.
"We need to have a mature debate about how and where power should be devolved and whether it is in Scotland’s interests to stay in the union
"I am confident that the majority of people both sides of the border agree with me that we are stronger together."



Johann Lamont  a woman who has hidden qualities

which will make her a fine first minister of Scotland