Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Broken Hearted Nat

Gedguy says

Pic altered to protect his identity from the cybernats

'I was banned from using Newsnet Scotland because I expressed an opinion'
(no surprise there then)
'I still read the articles, which I find interesting, but cannot contribute to the postings;
c'est la vie.' sob! sob! sob!

Yer! to much of a softy fer blogging
Gedguy yer gotta be a mean lean
Blogging machine to survive
in the Nationalist blogosphere.
(Like me an Conan mind he aint lean)

Still me and tris and Deano will stand by you

Monday, December 26, 2011

Add vitamin D X/union to Scotland's food – experts


 Dosing whole population would help cut levels of multiple sclerosis, 



ANTI UNION THOUGHTS say scientists



The union begins to change the way people think in

scotland this alongside the subliminal messages

throughout the media will ensure final victory

goes to the 'UNION' Forces

All Hail to the Union