Friday, March 2, 2012

 And waz he up to???

Me and Taz went out for a stroll around the old
Blogosphere and as we went around the twisty highways
and byways.
We happened to pass Deano's New Right blog
and found it all derelict and deserted and no trace
of Deano to be seen.

Obviously Cynical Highlander seeing as Deano's Blog
was uninhabited quick as a flash daubed some unwelcome
graffiti all over the place.(just the sort of thing he would do)

Anyway pausing just so Taz could have a poo
we then trundled on up the road and comes upon
Deano's new Blog.

It being unfinished looks just like a big Grey block
with loads of sound of hammering,sawing ,drilling
the most loud nosies you could ever imagine
coming from the Blog.
well as we were standing staring
It was only when a young lady stepped out

and told us it was Deano's new Blog under
construction we knew what was going on.

Anyway pausing just so Taz could have a pee
we moved on reflecting on wat Deano was
going to eventually unveil to the Blogosphere