Friday, December 2, 2011

 Perhaps I am missing something

The Referendum

Perhaps I am missing something but has not Salmond said given more vote yes than no to Independence then the fact Devo Max gained more votes Than the yes vote Would be irrelevant.
As full independence gives all you want under Devo max and more, so from Salmonds perspectives the Yes to Independence wins and its game over for the Union.

A reply

Dubbieside says:
A very good article, succinct and to the point. I would also congratulate Labour Hame for allowing open debate.
Nikos point is easily answered however.
If a second question is put on the ballot paper that question immediately becomes moot if the first question, do you want independence yes or no, the yes wins. There is no need for devo max or whatever if independence is won.
For simplification the second question could be along the lines of,
If independence is not achieved do you wish Scotland to have devo max yes or no.
Looks fairly straightforward to me but then Im not Niko

But seeing as Devo max gained the most votes how so Independence wins?
not on my Maths

No 29%
yes 32%
Devo Max  38%

but then Im not Niko
Nah Dubs your not me

There's only ooone Niko
One Niko
Walking a long,
Singing a song,
Walking in a Niko  wonderland!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Democracy (London style)
Rule by the people
 Fear of the People



Alex  Salmond sitting around with his snp cronies
as soon as he saw this on the BBC said

'Feck me i want two of them we are going to need it
when we try to rig the Referendum'

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Home of the Cybernats
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