Friday, December 11, 2015

The Notional Living Wage
(The Truth ) 

As I unlike most of the snp Bloggers
live in the really real world of real people 
and not in the imagined fantasy tartan
world of the snp/nats.

would like to point out a few facts
after becoming aware. Although did
discuss this with some more insightful
Labourites when this was first mooted.

Many people on the minimum wage
do have an additional payment to
top up their wages.

Mostly in the form of a bonus thus
their hourly rate minimum overall 
pay rate is higher than the actual 
minimum rate.

Due to the new Osborne Notional
Living Wage. Employers are  now
consolidating any increment/bonus 
into their employees wages.
paying an higher hourly rate with
one hand and grasping back the
rise with the other hand.

Leading to many employees
finding that not only will they not
have a real wage rise next year but also any
additional real terms increase over
the next few years is also being
taken away .

So the Notional Living Wage will
unfortunately for many be just that.
But the cuts in any working benefits
will be real and long term....


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How do the Corbynites feel with all
the media old Labour MPs previous Labour leaders
and prime ministers all the Blairites

Saying how mad bad and dangerous to know
we are and how evil barmy and loony left wing.

so how do we feel well i will tell you
after all the Blair/.Brown torylite
and not so lite.....all Labour
policies taken from Tory HQ
and now with a different path to take