Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bluey sleeps with the fishes


Bluey! smooey no more bluey!


That Bloody Bluey next doors cat has been caught dumping
in me front Garden on me  Lawn I have been finding cat poo
for the last few weeks but no cat.

Miss 'N' saw him this morning bold as brass walk up
and drop his load .
He has got the hump as i keep chasing him off me
property  as he trys to get in our bed at night if the window
is left open Missus 'N' likes to do so on account of female hot sweats
Our moggie thinks he is his best mate and just encourages him.
The other day we  watched  as our cat led him into garden and

then kept going to the window as if to coax Bluey into house
were i was waiting with a half house brick to bash his
head in Bluey seeing me only went near window and just sat down.

Its obvious i say just to get me back Bluey waits till late at night runs
in has a poo on me lawn laughs to his self  and the runs off.
well me and Taz have a cunning plan for Bluey and boy is he in for
a  big shock.

(no animals were injured in the preparation of this article)

for tris

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Study undermines economic case for Scottish independence,

Independence Referendum on the way(?)

Scotland bankrupt again
its only cos England bankrolls
the wasteful  tax spending
giver away of over peoples money.

Salmond the spendyman
motto!( Brother can you spare us
half a billion)

He wants a free Scotland and
will spend every fecking bawbee
in the bank of England to achieve it.
yeah scotland the free that is nothing
has to be paid for free this and thata
all outa the Englishmans pocket.

Typical lefty Salmond spend !spend !
spend! like a drunken sailor on leave
he who pays the piper Oor Kenny says.
yeah well in that case kenny you best shut the feck up
and do as your betterers at westmister tell you feckwit
in fact you and Salmond can get down on yer knees
and kiss the English arse XXXXXX YUK!

yeah! go on Alex pucker up XXXXX