Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ooer! I say

Having gone to bed the other night i puts on me

42 inch flat screen tv on bedroom wall
and gets Zzzzzzzzzzzz crackling noise and no pic
then i remembers me grandson had put on the wii
and had disconnected the wireless connection to
me sky box so no signal was being sent up to me

Quick as flash i jumps out me bed starkers as
being a 'MAN' i sleeps au naturel   and run down stairs
to sky box under TV
and as it is very low i bends down on me knees
arse in the  air with me bollocks swinging   free and connects
the input cable
as i is doing this Taz comes up behind me
and Quickly  

Oooer!  I says

I slowly goes back to bed
something in my relationship
with Taz has changed forever

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Even in our sleep,
pain which cannot forget 
falls drop by drop upon the heart 
until, in our own despair, 
against our will,
comes wisdom through 
the awful grace of God