Saturday, September 9, 2017

Miami Beach: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow


 Having been to Miami october 2016

woud just like to say how in opposition

to many greedy Republicans scum.

Miami residents have fought and still

fight to keep the Art Deco area of

the city and beach untouched and

free from demolition and destruction.

By the money grabbing bastards who

roam the world in pursuit of vile


The area is a real wonder to walk

around have a quite drink and sit on

the beach surrounded by beautiful

art deco buildings.

a truly wonderful experience and

I hope these old buildings survive

Hurricane Irma with minimal


And also any and all residents

but not Rush Limbaugh

who should be made to stand on the

main beach to prove his lying

words   or NOT

He encouraged people to stay
and then run away himself and
did not have the moral fibre
to admit why and warn others
who are in danger of losing
thier lives.
The cowardly lying scum!

NEW YORK — Rush Limbaugh, who has suggested that the “panic” caused
by approaching hurricanes actually benefits retailers, the media and
climate change activists, abandoned his south Florida studio ahead of
Hurricane Irma.

On his show Thursday from his facility in Palm
Beach, the conservative radio host said airing his show Friday would be
“problematic” and “legally impossible.”

Limbaugh said his show would be back on the air next week “from parts unknown.” Mark Steyn filled in for Limbaugh on Friday.

Drug Addicted crim lying bastard

Monday, September 4, 2017

Troll(or accusations of)
 The last refuge of a snp
supporter     scoundrel

apparently me persona non grata cos i put a mirror to
the snp/nats extremists face and they don't like what
they see and run screamimg from  the internet.
crying out troll ! troll ! troll!