Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Farewell to Iain Gray
the best First Minister
Scotland never had
and a true and loyal
Scottish patriot

Then let us pray that come it may, 
(As come it will for a' that,) 
That Sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth, 
Shall bear the gree, an' a' that. 
For a' that, an' a' that, 
It's coming yet for a' that, 
That Man to Man, the world o'er, 
Shall brothers be for a' that.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Stain of the snp

Owned controlled beholden too
and creatures of the snp.
(and proud of it)

Iain Gray: Cybernat attacks serve to damage our country 


WHEN I made my final speech as Labour leader at our special conference last week, I rather thought that the “newsline” would be my attack on the poison of the online “cybernats”, rather than some positive and forward looking observations I made about Scotland’s future. I was right, but the different reactions were quite instructive.
My love of irony meant that I was rather hoping the cybernats would rush to denounce me in the most vitriolic terms, and I was not disappointed. What was disappointing was a lazy comment in one newspaper which suggested that the political parties are all the same in this. They are not. There are no Labour, Tory or Lib Dem supporting equivalents of the SNP supporters who toss words like “traitor” or “quisling” (i.e. Nazi collaborator) around.
For those that doubt the connections between the SNP and some of the cybernats, how about “Strathearnrose” who on 5 October tweeted: “At SNP mtg 2 encourage more social media uptake” then signed off “#evenmorecybernats”. Strathearnrose is of course Roseanna Cunningham, the minister currently taking through new legislation against offensive behaviour on the internet. There is that delicious irony again.
Another newspaper commented that “a lack of civility is a small price to pay for freedom of speech”. This is wrong on two counts. I was not complaining about a lack of civility, but something much worse and more sinister. The online response to Scottish Labour’s conference did not just consist of SNP supporters being rude to me. There was also considerable comment regarding Jim Murphy’s Catholicism, accusations of criminality against others and at least one post suggesting that a particular journalist should be shot, and helpfully providing his work address.
More commonly, though, the cybernats threaten newspapers and broadcasters who fall short of the required sycophancy towards the SNP with censorship. The usual line is “just wait for independence and we will close you down”.
Perhaps it is the SNP’s tolerance of this culture which led a member of staff in the office of Joan McAlpine MSP, the First Minister’s parliamentary aide, who is also the head of the SNP’s youth wing, to casually smear Ian Davidson MP in a circular e-mail this week, accusing him of having “a history of bullying and intimidation against women”. That is untrue and almost certainly defamatory.
All this is happening in the shadow of a Scottish Government and a First Minister prepared to denounce judges personally and threaten the independence of our courts, use the parliament chamber to attack the integrity of academics and voluntary sector workers who disagree with him, go to court to thwart the release of documents under freedom of information legislation during an election campaign, and have a spin doctor draft a “confession” letter for a professor who had crossed him.
Just as the cybernats go beyond the bounds of what is acceptable online, these statements and actions go beyond what is acceptable in parliament and government.
The biggest mistake was the editorial comment which thought I was complaining about my treatment at the hands of the cybernats. In fact, I spoke out because I am no longer worried about any of this undermining me, or damaging Labour’s election prospects. I am increasingly worried about it undermining the decency of the country I love, damaging the freedoms its citizens enjoy, and poisoning the vital debate we now face on the future of that country.

I think all right thinking Scots, of whatever political persuasion, should be worried, too.

Not worry fear what would the Nationalist 
do if they gain unfettered power  and were
able to attack their opponents not only
as Cybernats online but in the real world.

who would be safe  from the evil forces
which Alex Salmond has at his beck and call
not I not you

 He only has to stamp his feet and unleash
the Hordes of Cybernats from the depths 
of Nationalist Hell

Beware the beast, he is the devil
Who grabs your hand and leads you in
Beware the beast, he is in revel
He guides you to fire

Beware the beast, he is evil
He bleeds your heart faithlessly
Beware the beast, he is in revel
He guides you to fire

The beast

Sunday, October 30, 2011




Iain Gray attacks ‘vile poison’ of SNP politics

THE outgoing Labour leader Iain Gray has delivered a stinging attack on the “ugly” side of Nationalism, claiming that Alex Salmond’s party have brought “vile poison” into politics.
“The cybernats and the bedsit bloggers will call you traitor, quisling, lapdog and worse. They will question your appearance, your integrity and your sexuality. They will drag your family and your faith into the lies and the vitriol.  It will be worse if you are a woman.
“This is the poison some have brought into our politics and it is vile.”

His claim that the SNP powers-that-be are aware of the identity of some of the offenders was one of the few times that cybernat activity has been mentioned in mainstream politics since ##############, an aide to the SNP minister Mike Russell, was forced to resign after it emerged that he was the author of a blog that printed scurrilous and deeply unpleasant allegations about the SNP’s rivals

The Dirty Fecking snp bastards
cybernat scum lying cheating vermin
puke ridden turds.
All the behest of the snp their own
private dirty little slave army  and woe betide they who get in their way.