Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'll vote Labour to
my dying day

Niko on his death bed
with the local snp Gauleiter
by his bedside(uninvited)
 Gauleiter- Hurry up and die Niko
we have some Polish Scots 
waiting to move into your croft 
and they cant wait any longer to move in

Niko-(dying) arghh! Vote Labour ! (dies) 
 Gauleiter- (punching the deceased Niko in the face)
Calls out.

Come on you Poles there's another dying Scot down
the gait and we need to move our supporters in asap

for CH 



 local snp Gauleiter-tris

other roles were played
by members of the cast


Monday, October 1, 2012

Scottish independence: Referendum should have

 tight spending limits, says Alex Salmond

Too late fat boy the UK printing presses are rolling
off the Money call it the Unionist Dividend

 He said: “It’s rather important to have limits on campaign spending
 and that applies to elections and referendums. 
Why? Because you don’t want someone to buy the ballot.


 Buy the Ballot we are going to buy
the Scottish Nation lock & stock
you best pray long and hard
cos at the end of this you
are Fecking