Saturday, August 25, 2012

Remember when the Nationalist extremists
attacked me over the fantastic rise of Eire
economic growth (wankers)
well here is a snippet of the 
Memorandum of understanding
The( Independent ) Government Of Eire
have signed up to

No local income tax there eh? no 
a reduction in pensions for the elderly
let alone the other benefits for the unemployed
and they have agreed to cut expenditure on health

yep the Independent nation of Eire has a lot to teach
the people of 
don't listen to the nutjobs of the snp

 download here

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Scottish independence:

 Voting experts 

say just one question 




Iran: Members of Assembly of Experts

could help


  File Photo: Assembly of Experts


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things to come 
The real snp economic theory
of how Scotland would be if
Independence was forced onto
an unwilling Scottish peoples

Grasping The Thistle

Michael Russell

"The book is controversial because it challenges the
 SNP's approach to delivering independence and
backs a market-based approach to public sector reform,"

 Sunday 1 October 2006
"SNP leader Alex Salmond threatened one of his rivals
that he would not be a candidate for the next Holyrood election unless he withdrew parts of his "very dangerous" book.
He sent his colleague handwritten notes, which the Sunday Herald
has obtained, highlighting sections of the book he objected to."

"Salmond then sent Russell handwritten notes which explained in
detail the problems he had with the tract.
The notes, which the Sunday Herald possesses,
 are broken down into code.
Salmond marked key passages with "VD", which stands
 for very dangerous, while other paragraphs were given a
"D" for dangerous. A third category, "RH", stood for relatively harmless"

 "The SNP leader, who terms himself a social democrat,
described Russell's call for the SNP to lift its bar on working with the Tories as"
" "relatively harmless".
 In addition, he(Alex Salmond) responded to the first book's demand for a
"flat" rate of income tax, which is normally "
"associated with the political right, with an "RH"
 Relatively Harmless"
" marking.
Russell is said to have given in to Salmond because he is
desperate for a return to the Scottish parliament.".

 Alex  Salmond  right wing demagogue
a man when in limited power
(thank god for the wisdom of Westminster)
uses ever legal or illegal method to hide
the decisions he makes being known to the Scottish peoples.

used hidden codes to discuss his true thoughts

But not once does he say in private
as these sneaky messages were meant to be
the economic theory behind them were
Immoral,unfair, dishonorable, to
the Scottish people not at all
one of then the flat tax beloved of
right wing nutjobs the world over
he calls it
 "relatively harmless"
so loony nats what do you make of that ?
  and we here from the vile Nats
the Labour party is aiding and abetting
the English Conservatives when
Alex Salmond himself said

  Russell's call for the SNP to lift its
 bar on working with the Tories as
 "relatively harmless".

so harmless for Alex salmonds snp
when working to follow the same economic policies
although traitorous for Labour to work towards a
United Kingdom but with different fairer and progressive
economic and social policies. for all.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Capitalist Media

MARIKANA, South Africa — The police killing of 34 striking platinum miners

34 ordinary Black workers are slaughtered   in south Africa and barely
an headline let alone an article in the media..


Pussy Riot trial

 Demonstrators at the Russian embassy in London.


reported discussed all over the world 

one an enemy of western capitalism the other a perceived friend

34 Russians shot dead an uproar

34 Chinese shot dead an outrage

34 black working south Africans

shot dead and hardly a criticism

many Nats claim a Unionist media 

Not true!

there is only a Capitalist

owned and controlled media