Friday, December 18, 2015

The snp have a tax problem
happy to tax the English
happy to tax the lower
income earners in Scotland


nouveau riche
ˌnuːvəʊ ˈriːʃ,French nuvo ʀiʃ/
  1. 1.
    people who have recently acquired wealth, typically those perceived as ostentatious or lacking in good taste.
    "the long-term wealthy and the nouveau riche came flocking to Saint Laurent's show"
    synonyms:the new rich; More
  1. 1.
    relating to or characteristic of the nouveau riche.
    "nouveau-riche social climbers"

And they like it and if betraying those who
voted for a more equal society is what it takes
to keep power and wealth then that is a price
the snp are more than happy to pay.

the SNP

If property is theft, as the French philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon insisted, then I can only guess how he would have viewed the SNP. The revelation of the colourful property dealings of the party’s former Westminster business spokeswoman, Michelle Thomson, has led to scrutiny of the other 55 Nationalist MPs. Including the assiduous and acquisitive Thomson,

 almost a third of SNP MPs have significant property portfolios.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

 "SNP-BAD Presiding Officer 
crushes good socialist
 protesting about evil Tory legislation" 

(Hat tip to Conan)

Innocent Labour msp whilst carrying his constitutional  duties
denied the protection of Scottish law in the  Scottish  Parliament 

Yes shocking but true James Kelly msp  was about to ask a question
which would of embarrassed  the presiding officers party and the snp
leader to whom Tricia Marwick is beholden for her office and her 
Scottish Gold.

It was noted that before the Presiding officer  silenced a duly elected
servant of the Scottish people sent to Holyrood in their sovereign  name.
she glanced over to the First Minister who gave a slight regal nod in
affirmation. and the signal to censure a member of the Scottish Parliament.

This shameful incident reveals how the freedoms within Scotland 
are under threat of a overpowering snp party willing to snuff out
any  hint of opposition to their rule and their opportunity to 
personally enrich the snpers at the public expense.

At the Beating heart of Scotland within the scared place in which
the sovereignty of all the peoples of Scotland is held in trust for
and by the Scottish nation.

A mans freedom was bent to the dastardly will of a base  political
party of  greed and  self seeking money grabbers.....

(Once again thanks to Conan for bringing this to my attention)