Friday, June 29, 2012

independence is dead

Mr Salmond insisted: “I’m a Scottish Nationalist. 
I believe in an independent Scotland

 But a very big but

he said “there is a strong appetite for a second question”. 

Yep! the  First Fat Man Of Scotland
the Lard Of Holyrood
has a very strong appetite for a second question.
seeing as the snp preferred question 
is not appealing to the Scottish peoples

In fact it looks likely to be stuck
down Alex Salmonds throat come
referendum day..

Squeaky Bum Time
for Alex Salmond


 and as for the Cybernats denial



Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Toxicity of Alex Salmond

Finally having had a total disaster
of a launch to the snp referendum campaign.
leaving the nats lower down the polls than ever
two things have occurred to the snp.

(1) Alex Salmond on all the present evidence
will lose the vote in 2014 and he will have to bear
the sole and full responsibility.
This in effect would end Alex Salmonds political career
in order to avoid his demise Alex has moved a human shield
(Bliar Jenkins) in the line of fire(it wont work)

(2) Alex Salmond is so hated by those
of a normal persuasion that nothing nothing
he could or would say(save I am resigning)
can persuade those from other partys to
vote to support Salmond in any referendum.

And without the decent normal voters
backing the Nat extremists the vote cannot,
shall not and will not pass.
So in order to detoxify the snp 'YES'
campaign of Salmonds poison they try
this sleight of hand,
and hope the smoke and mirrors can hide
the   the eminence grise Alex Salmond from
the Scottish voters (it wont work again)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Referendum that
never was

2014  a year the snp forgot

More and more people are coming
to the informed view.
Seeing as the snp referendum
has started disastrously  and then
fallen even further behind the

Scottish peoples wish to remain
within the United Kingdom.

Alex Salmond will over the ensuing
months do all in his dark power
to ensure no vote will take place
with the snp taking part unless
Devo max is on the ballot.

An outcome which the partys
loyal to the UK will disallow.
and so you have the unionists
fighting for a yes/no  vote
and the snp pushing  for
a yes to devo max and
remaining in the UK.

you couldn't make it up
but it is


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Support for Independence

at only


  their own internal polling shows
 support for independence running 
as low as 20 per cent,

we are 

  Better Together

 as the majority of Scots agree

The Party which can only go backwards into
a long gone time of an imaginary  nation
with NO hope NO future 
the party with Nothing to give to the
Scottish peoples.

a party who's clock stopped at

and who are motivated by hate and loathing
of the United Kingdom

'Sawney Scot and John Bull', an English print published in 1792. 'Sawney' was an English nickname for a Scotsman

Its time to say NO to the Nationalists and separation
and YES to the Remaining within the 
United Kingdom