Monday, July 2, 2012

                                  ENGLISH TORY DINING CLUB 

                                  FUNDS THE NO CAMPAIGN

                                                  Bitter Together

“We were bought and sold
For English Gold
Sic a parcel o’ Rogues in a nation”


Nikostratos        received two gold sovs

Earl of Marchmount: received £1,104-17s-7d

Earl of Cromarty: received £300

Lord Preston Hall: received £200

Lord Ormiston: received £200

Duke of Montrose: received £200

Duke of Athol: received £1000

Earl of Balcarres: received £500

Earl of Dunmoor: received £200

Lord Anstruther: received £300

Mr. Stewart of Castle Stewart: received £300

Earl of Eglington: received £200

Lord Fraser: received £100

Lord Cessnock, now Polwarth: received £50

Mr. John Campbell: received £200

Earl of Forfar: received £100

Sir Kenneth MacKenzie: received £100

Earl of Glencairn: received £100

Earl of Kintore: received £200

Earl of Findlator: received £100

Lord Forbes: received £50

John Muir, Provost of Ayr: received £100

Earl of Seafield, Lord Chancellor: £490

Marquis of Tweedale: received £1000

Duke of Roxburgh: received £500

Lord Elibank: received £50

Lord Banff: received £11-2/-

Major Cunningham of Eckatt: received £100

The Messenger who brought the Treaty of Union: received £60

Sir William Sharp: received £300

Patrick Coultrain, Provost of Wigton: received £25

Mr. Alexander Wedderburn: received £75

The Commisioner for Equippage & Daily Allowance: received £12,325

Stated by THE EARL OF GLASGOW, on oath, and by DAVID NAIRNE, Secretary Depute for Scotland. (THE PRICE OF SCOTLAND'S FREEDOM)