Thursday, November 12, 2015

Doping In Sport
 A personal view 

I have been in around Bodybuilding Gyms most of my life
and have seen and experienced the growth and use of steroids.
from rare and small time use  to  an industrial scale supply.
some gyms are drug free ( as far as you can tell ) mainly
your fitness types more frequent by females than males.

other normally free weight Bodybuilding/Powerlifting   based
can be and are awash with steroids from any product from every
part of the globe. Most people do not realise in many countries
the sale of steroids are legal. As in the not so recent past it was in france
and you could buy and bring back into the UK as much steroids you liked
bought direct from any french chemist all legal then but not now.

the FACT is an ordinary guy in the street can obtain with ease a virtual
cornucopia  of steroids with ease....
So the idea top rate athletes whose motivation both to win and gain
wealth from their individual sports is a driving force  are unaware and
 free from steroids and other illegal ways to increase their
performance levels is a total  nonsense.

It can be cheaper to buy steroids rather than pay for quality food  and
supplements and some Gyms its just like buying a pint at the bar.
there are gyms I wont even go to due to the overbearing presence of

To be honest my view is allow steroids use in sport to bring out
into the open and have a safer?? and more medically controlled
use of steroids. As opposed to the romantically and false notion
of a natural sports person which has never ever existed ever.