Thursday, January 14, 2016

 snp MPs at wesminster
Greedy Greedy Lying Bastards

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson has most expenses claims rejected of any serving MP

 Mr Robertson’s unpaid claims ranged from a £2 train ticket to a £1,073 unpaid claim for council tax.
 File photo dated 28/03/15 of Angus Robertson, the SNP leader at Westminster

 Fecking Dishonorable Scot
hang your heids in shame


The  Scottish Working Class can kiss
the snps arse£££££££££££££
they have got  the public trough
at last££££££££££££


Sunday, January 10, 2016

The snp and Hunter Wellys
wots the fuss about plutocrat
Nicola wearing expensive
Hunter wellys;

Ok a months wages to most
low paid scots who dont
benefit from the snp
council tax freeze .

Mind looking at all the other hunter welly
wearers and then looking at Nicola what is the fuss