Monday, October 3, 2016

Random Thoughts

An attack on the Republic
is an attack on us all
(not sure on conan though)

we can only hope the invasion
of Munguins Republic is finally
held off.   

otherwise were can we all meet
and debate or discuss in fraternity
the merit or otherwise of an
Independent Scotland .
alongside a myriad other more
silly things of little note and not
much sense but good fun..

If tris relocates we will surely follow.

Theresa May says

“Those people who argue that article 50 can only be triggered after agreement
 in both houses of parliament are not standing up for democracy;
 they’re trying to subvert it.

which most strange to say in  a parliamentary Democracy in which
the sovereignty of the people is lent to the representatives who are
empowered to take decisions as their consciences dictate .
and in which    referendum are at best just advisory and have no
legal recognition what so ever .

And of course she says the Scottish people will be denied
a referendum  which (a) she says in England is sacrosanct
(b) is voted for by the Scottish Parliament and probably
every one of the Scottish MPs at Westminster.
all duly elected and empowered by the democratic model
voted for and created by Westminster...

so we ask were is the democracy in her actions ?