Friday, July 1, 2011

The snp Bandwagon 
which didn't roll on
at Inverclyde

Alex Salmond went to Inverclyde for seven days
and on the seventh day the good voters of Inverclyde
cast him down........
Praise The Lord!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To the good people of Inverclyde

Tomorrow you have the opportunity
to stop the Nationalist bandwagon
Dead in its track.

And show the Nationalist Extremist
and their  seperationist agenda is
not one the people wish to follow.

Do not give your sovereignty
into the hands of the snp and
the Machiavellian First Minister
of Scotland,
Do your patriotic duty and vote
down Alex Salmond who is
the very Devil and has no
redeeming qualities whatsoever
(apart from being a good tipper on the gee gees)

he is a demon straight from hell
and in fact utterly and completely

Bad To The Bone   

in anticipation  I should like to thank the people of Inverclyde
for supporting the Scottish Labour candidate

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Strike's  work! they have always worked
Cameron and  his shite heads and the shite
heads before him

Have created laws to stop working people
using one of the few ways to fight back
against tyrannical management.

ever since the Tolpuddle martyrs
the bosses have  sought to use any
means to stop the use of the Strike
by working men and women.

If as Cameron and his tossers lie striking
was so counter productive why have laws
to hobble its use and laws to prevent
others supporting their fellow workers.
Been forced onto the working people.

Every since working people joined
together to gain some freedom from
the enforced labour of the Capatalist

The bosses and there political lackeys
and placemen have attacked the use
of  the Strike.

The well organised strike works alway has always will.

I note Michael Gove has few words to say
on the strike 

<a href=""> here</a>

If Gove was to come to Scotland to speak in defense of the 'Union'
i have to say the bloke is such a unmitigated useless spineless toadying
lying turd face wanker it would in my opinion be the best argument
for voting for Independence that i can possibly think of

A placard which  Gove could never hold high
cos he aint a 'MAN'

Sunday, June 26, 2011

It could be me


I’ve been asked to write to you about Labour’s Future Candidates Programme – it’s an exciting opportunity to reach out to talented individuals in local communities across Britain

The Future Candidates Programme will provide training and support to help find Labour’s candidates and leading activists of the future.

This programme is open to all Party members, regardless of whether you’ve recently got involved in Labour or are a seasoned party member. Our only requirement is that you are a passionate, committed individual that wants to make Britain a better place for everyone.

If you think that’s you download an information pack now to find out more about how to get involved

Successful applicants will be given everything from a Parliamentary mentor to practical advice on Labour selection procedures.

Best of luck, Nikostratos

Dan Jarvis MP

(A Parliamentary mentor great I want Jim Devine)Finally on me way up.