Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why Niko would or could vote 
for Independence

But not for the snp as they are scum
and I would sooner fecking die

Having watched Liam Fox(a man who admitted he was
 not a fit and proper  person to be a minister of the crown and so resigned) 
on the televisual of the magnificent BBC.

and reading other speeches by the vile scum Torys scum
whose only reason to leave the EU is to take away any
legal protections to the people  gained from the EU.
allowing the English Torys to rape pillage and put the People
of the United Kingdom in a form of bondage and slavery. 

I can only say
If  staying within the EU can only be
guaranteed by Scotland becoming independent
then I shall vote for Independence and would urge
all others do to the same.

The snp are still scum and beneath my contempt

But if in 2014 people are still unsure of 
the re-election of the great Labour party
and certainty of continuing  EU membership.

The people the Good people of Scotland
and not the snp scum should not risk
voting for the Union and find themselves
in a English Tory rape camp outside of the EU

My hope and prayer is this scenario
does not come about but 2014 may be
the last chance to stay safe and free
within the EU

To Liam slime bag fox
and the English slime bag conservatives
i say


Although the sentiment
remains the same